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Will You?

Picture for WordsWorthMillions
Picture for WordsWorthMillions

Will you take me to the highlands?
To see the nomads and their cattle?
Will you take me to a brook?
To sit and sing by?
Will you take me out in the desert night?
To look at the stars and marvel at its vastness?
Will you take me to a newly wed bride?
To hold her hands and kiss her cheeks?
Will you take me to a new mother?
To watch her baby sleep at her bosom?


The Honeymoon

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Wedding bells resounded in the vale
people flocked to celebrate
the union of two people

beautiful bride in her happiness
on the arms of her groom
hugged a man friend

next morning bells resounded again
the bride’s body on the pyre
handcuffed groom in tears

the honeymoon was over

The Independent Woman

Courtesy: PaSsu

You have seen her walk
down the street
tall on her feet
sexy in her moves
noble in her thoughts
beautiful in her actions
an aroma about her
you may sometimes envy her
for the way she carries herself
for her graceful steps
she is everything a human should be
free, independent, strong, different, smart, humourous
beneath all the skins she wears
she wishes people see
how hurt she is at times
despite all the strength she possesses
how stupid she is sometimes
in spite of her smartness
how at times she wishes a strong arm to hold and lead her
despite her independent nature
how ordinary and common she is
just like every other human
how at times her tears flow
under the cover of her humour
how the society tries to cage
her free soul
she knows her place
she would raise a family on her own
feed a village single handedly
yet she would not whine
living a life isn’t difficult
living in a man’s world is
often she is trampled upon
yet she will walk
tall on her feet
sexy in her moves
noble in her thoughts
beautiful in her actions
and down the street
people will turn their heads
to look at
the independent woman

We will Stand

Obstacles may come
climbing over mountains
sorrows may come
flying in the air
tears may come
crossing the seas
they might enter our souls
they might hurt our souls
but they cannot imprison our souls
for our souls are our own
death is the only obstacle
we can’t fight
whatever happens
we will take our stand
happiness is expensive
but smiles still come cheap
we know
someday we will get
what we deserve
is rightfully ours-

Walking into a Sunset

Taking a walk into the sunset
I looked back
saw my life like a movie
I have lived in the dark
in the bright
I have loved women
I have cried and laughed –
I saw the tears dry
and the laughter continued
to quiver more in my ears
I felt light
I looked in front
I wasn’t walking anymore
I was flying with the cloud
flying away to a new world
to a new beginning


[Entered for Monday Poetry Potluck . The theme is Dreams, Visions and Reveries.  December 5th, 2010]

Hurt was Never so Hurtful

times after
hits you
right at your heart
moments of love
moments of silence
moments of masking
last thread
of bond
with very sharp
in your heart
tears break free
from your eyes
hurt was never
so hurtful

Keeping me Alive

[Entered for Monday Poetry Potluck . The theme is Dreams, Visions and Reveries.  December 5th, 2010]


God put us in each others path
to help one another
life is good and its better
when we have each other as friends

Life is full of tears and smiles
but we will smile
and stay like this forever
till the end of time
you won’t lose your way
when I go away
even when eternal sleep embraces me
you have to keep me alive
in your memories
fate might led us to different lives
but the path we travel
will be same

Don’t drag me into your thoughts
too often
least you want to always keep me there
that’s only where I can stay
only in someone’s thoughts
I know you hold me dear
I also know not for long
the moon will rise and set
so I will set
as I rose in your heart

Always remember
I never forgot you then
I will never forget you ever


[For my childhood friend who thought I would forget him. He is a recovering poly addict.]

And they held me

This poem is entered for Monday Poetry Potluck [29/11/2010] at Jingle Poetry and the theme for this week is Nature: Plants, Creatures and the Cosmos.

Picture for WordsWorthMillions

The fog sets into the valley
a light drizzle is on *Kanglung
on yellowing leaves
a sign of the setting of summer
rise of autumn

In the distance the birds sing
the song of the approaching season
the song of human lives
the song of my loneliness
and a sign of the approaching woods

I walk the path into the woods
my gateway to solace
the cold wind stings my face
small pearl like droplets
of water in my hair
lose themselves
like I lost myself in life

My nose takes in the familiar
raw smell
of the living woods mixed with dust and
roving smoke from the chimneys of
the village down in the vales

I try to see through the fog
I see the silhouettes
of trees, my companion of years
in happiness and in sorrow
coming into view

Their branches reach forth
to touch me as always
to reassure me of
finer things tomorrow
to brush away
my pain of today

It’s like they know
why I haunt like a spirit among them
I feel no words in my mouth
as tears tighten my throat
choking me

The wind blows
as if to tell me
to cry my heart out
I feel the branches
embrace me
like the arms of a friend
warm and comforting
on a cold evening
as the rain showers down
it drips by the side of my face
I cry rain mingled with tears

The wind howls mad through the
trees at that moment
drowning my sobs
like a friend they are
covering my embarrassment of
having to cry out loud

As I walk homeward I hear the
leaves rustle and the wind
whisper in my ears
to come back again
the branches stroke my face
the wind howls
I understand why


*Kanglung : A place in Bhutan

[I started this poem in 2003 and completed in 2009]