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The Soldier

Who will look at the sun and say,
‘I know this sky, bright and blue’
The blood that flood the sun rays
is what you and I shed
for freedom and liberation

Thousands went up in smoke in the fire of freedom
Thousands shot through the barrel of liberation
Thousands mourn, with their arms spread
Decapitated limbs and torso and heads
fell in their prayers


The Forgotten Monument

Many a great wars
were fought
old and young
women and men
suffered alike
many sons were sacrificed
for the land
which bore them
memorials were held
monument erected alike
candles illuminated it
towners shed tears
placed flowers
just as the war faded
the monument
a reminder of the sacrificed sons
faded from everyone’s memories
so much for remembrance
grasses grow over it
fireflies visit
moonlight illuminates it
nature took care
of what human built and forgot

[This poem has been entered in the Poetry Potluck. Thank you Jingle.]

The Desert Flower

bright lights
the black hole
people run
men shout
women sob
children wail
mud walls of centuries
crumble down to dust
thicker than water
blood of innocents
seep into the dust
out of sight
tears fall
on desert dust
into eternity
the desert flower
in the chaos
of gunfire and bombs

[The other day I was looking at pictures of war in the middle east.]


What is the news today?
The news today is
children have grown up
live in big houses
which don’t have room
for their aging parents.
Parents are busy socializing
to see their 9 year olds
getting high on drugs.
The news today is
a boy of 14 was beaten up
by the police
for collecting scraps.
Hatred is found at every corner
of the street
love has vanished altogether.
The news today is
people kill each other
in the name of religion
which (in fact) prohibit killing.
Wars are fought
for no particular reason
blood is spilled to spill oil wells.
The news today is
a 11 month old baby
was raped by a man in his 40s.
A young lady was put to death
by her male relatives
in the name of honour.
People waste more than
what they consume.
The news today is
these dramas will go on forever.


I listen to the silence
it is all around me
I try to block it
its too much for my frail soul
I put on the TV
and silence still rings loud in my head
I try to block it
for I think I am going crazy
for no one talks of hearing it
but I hear it
and I think I am going crazy
but again i think, haven’t
an infant heard silence when it suckled at it’s mother’s breast?
when a soldier waited for a war to begin?
when an artist waited to perform?
I am not crazy for
these days silence
speaks louder than words
hatred speaks louder than love
lies speak louder than truth
so it is possible silence speaks
louder than noise
I listen to the silence around me