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Life’s Wonders

Life is a roulette
it keeps rolling
the ball stops
at unexpected numbers most times
but life works wonder for livers
it is intriguing how it unfolds unto us
weaving its magic webs around us

Things go wrong
our worlds come crushing down
things go right
our spirits are lifted beyond our expectations
sometimes hatred fills our hearts
making rational thinking impossible
finding hatred everywhere
even in the genuine smiles of people
sometimes we find love in unexpected places
during unexpected moments in life

A friend once said, “Life is a sample
we learn by testing it”
and I, ‘Life is a question
every second we live
we search for answers
from the universe
people around us
mostly from within ourselves”

Looking down and up into the darkness
we tried to justify ourselves
both of us are justifiable
we will be tested
we will be answered with time

Life isn’t what we think of it
but what we make of it
this world has a place for you
as it has for a place for me
we are laughing today
crying tomorrow

We spend a life time
trying to understand our being
looking for love
and happiness
one day
out of the blue
we meet someone
in a flash of moment
shows us the reasons of our being
without even staying forever with us
showers us with love
what we feel at that moment
is real happiness
those rare moments in life
make up
for all the lost time
which shall lasts forever
life works out well

And they held me

This poem is entered for Monday Poetry Potluck [29/11/2010] at Jingle Poetry and the theme for this week is Nature: Plants, Creatures and the Cosmos.

Picture for WordsWorthMillions

The fog sets into the valley
a light drizzle is on *Kanglung
on yellowing leaves
a sign of the setting of summer
rise of autumn

In the distance the birds sing
the song of the approaching season
the song of human lives
the song of my loneliness
and a sign of the approaching woods

I walk the path into the woods
my gateway to solace
the cold wind stings my face
small pearl like droplets
of water in my hair
lose themselves
like I lost myself in life

My nose takes in the familiar
raw smell
of the living woods mixed with dust and
roving smoke from the chimneys of
the village down in the vales

I try to see through the fog
I see the silhouettes
of trees, my companion of years
in happiness and in sorrow
coming into view

Their branches reach forth
to touch me as always
to reassure me of
finer things tomorrow
to brush away
my pain of today

It’s like they know
why I haunt like a spirit among them
I feel no words in my mouth
as tears tighten my throat
choking me

The wind blows
as if to tell me
to cry my heart out
I feel the branches
embrace me
like the arms of a friend
warm and comforting
on a cold evening
as the rain showers down
it drips by the side of my face
I cry rain mingled with tears

The wind howls mad through the
trees at that moment
drowning my sobs
like a friend they are
covering my embarrassment of
having to cry out loud

As I walk homeward I hear the
leaves rustle and the wind
whisper in my ears
to come back again
the branches stroke my face
the wind howls
I understand why


*Kanglung : A place in Bhutan

[I started this poem in 2003 and completed in 2009]


Dear children,
you will grow up someday
and see for yourself what
life is about
it is beautiful if you know
how to live it
don’t rush to grow up
take your time
nothing can match your childhood moments
there will come a time for you to grow up
learn to love more
it is the most beautiful feeling
though you will suffer heartaches sometimes
hatred should be forgotten
it will drain out every good in you
count on hope
for it will never disappear
never strive to be perfect
in imperfection, you will find beauty
quit is the word
quit fighting, you won’t be a coward
it takes courage to stand and fight
takes even more courage to back off
only a hero can do that
quit drugs
it will take you high
but drag you into a hell of a life
quit telling lies
a lie will path ways to thousand other lies
but don’t quit on yourself
seek justice
give justice
fairness and equality are qualities
worthy of a leader
smile at all times
your smiles will make someone’s day
it will make your day
look around you
nature showers joy in abundance
bundles of joys in dew drops
gaze at stars
you will see yourself there someday
come to terms with your past
live in your present
your future will unfold on its own
remember with every meeting
comes departure
you will have memories to cherish
living a life
is like painting a picture
many times you get to choose
the best colours
make your own strokes
pick your colours wisely