Month: January 2011

The dark call

One bright night
when she wasn’t very alert
a call from far away

Beckoned her to dark reasons
the cloaks of passion and confusion
hazed the moon

She gasped for air and light
’cause the path she was about to jaunt
was dark, suffocating and deceitful

With indisposition
her heart trended towards
dreary familiar territory

Of deceit, pain and guilt
that will tug at her heart
up and down her life

Just a touch



His beauty unclouded by malice-
put every woman to shame,
given a chance, every man
would kill him, with envy

The well-defined nose,
pale lips and sad eyes
ruffles of black hair
had my heart throbbing

My eyes dawdled on him
a magnetic pull fixed on his face
just a touch of his hand
would have been enough

His beautiful face frequented my heart
wanting to see him more
I stalked my memories
to catch a glimpse of him

I found him on the cold winter ground
his black hair white with snow
his sad eyes forever frozen
an empty bottle in his hardened hand

Tears from my eyes
froze on his iced cheek,
dropping next to his cold body
I gently kissed his dead blue lips

One touch will get me through this winter.


She will be loved

She dredges her feet
she staggers
striking the pavement

she has been crying
running from the shadows
on the wall that enters her
room at night to mount her

she is reeking of alcohol
whiffs of wind blows
it into the faces of passersby
recede from her

she had a dream of a world
with the loves of her life
and here she is jumping from bed to bed
in the arms of others’ love

My first poem of 2011. Started on a sad note. This is a story of a woman I met few years ago.