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The Surfer

Salt on his board, sand in his underwear
A stud on waves, entertain a bored audience

Couple pose for pictures up on a dead tree
The sunset is lazy

One by one they all come in
A smile here and a frown there

Through the glasses of a sultry woman
He watches the ocean

My Chiseled Heart

Paint, use brush
the art instructor said
I took the brush to the canvas
he closed the class door on me

use a model, naked
my partner said
I stripped a woman
he took her to bed

use your imagination, raw
my friend said
I drew her
she stopped talking to me

enough! I said
I took a chisel and
carved the heart
out of the canvas

Comforting me

My head on his chest
I listened to his heart beat
more than normal
it sounded
it wasn’t lust
it wasn’t love
it was an understanding
the need to hold a woman
who had been deprived
the warmth of a man’s embrace
for too long
the need to comfort
another human
controlling his lust
though it hurt
it served the purpose
of comforting
a sad soul

The Independent Woman

Courtesy: PaSsu

You have seen her walk
down the street
tall on her feet
sexy in her moves
noble in her thoughts
beautiful in her actions
an aroma about her
you may sometimes envy her
for the way she carries herself
for her graceful steps
she is everything a human should be
free, independent, strong, different, smart, humourous
beneath all the skins she wears
she wishes people see
how hurt she is at times
despite all the strength she possesses
how stupid she is sometimes
in spite of her smartness
how at times she wishes a strong arm to hold and lead her
despite her independent nature
how ordinary and common she is
just like every other human
how at times her tears flow
under the cover of her humour
how the society tries to cage
her free soul
she knows her place
she would raise a family on her own
feed a village single handedly
yet she would not whine
living a life isn’t difficult
living in a man’s world is
often she is trampled upon
yet she will walk
tall on her feet
sexy in her moves
noble in her thoughts
beautiful in her actions
and down the street
people will turn their heads
to look at
the independent woman

That Life, That World

An unlit traditional Bhutanese Hearth, abandoned in an old house

Come and sit by me
I will tell you a story or two
of the days when world was different
when birds flew freely
when rivers flowed clear
when the clouds moved to grace the blue sky
when the moon shone the brightest in the night sky
when little boys and little girls played into dark
of the times when strangers smiled at each other
when a young person stopped to help an old lady
of the times when mothers suckled her child at her breast
when fathers took his children to play a game or two in the fields
of times when grandfathers and grandchildren sat by the hearth
while grandmothers cooked, and shared centuries-old stories of values and love
when man loved his woman the way she should be
when woman warmed her bed only with her man
when children held their old parents in their arms
when students bowed to their teachers in reverence
of the times when happiness wasn’t paid for
when wars were avoided
of times when human were humane
when animals were treated as a member of the family
life was different
I lived that life, in that world