That Life, That World

An unlit traditional Bhutanese Hearth, abandoned in an old house

Come and sit by me
I will tell you a story or two
of the days when world was different
when birds flew freely
when rivers flowed clear
when the clouds moved to grace the blue sky
when the moon shone the brightest in the night sky
when little boys and little girls played into dark
of the times when strangers smiled at each other
when a young person stopped to help an old lady
of the times when mothers suckled her child at her breast
when fathers took his children to play a game or two in the fields
of times when grandfathers and grandchildren sat by the hearth
while grandmothers cooked, and shared centuries-old stories of values and love
when man loved his woman the way she should be
when woman warmed her bed only with her man
when children held their old parents in their arms
when students bowed to their teachers in reverence
of the times when happiness wasn’t paid for
when wars were avoided
of times when human were humane
when animals were treated as a member of the family
life was different
I lived that life, in that world

6 thoughts on “That Life, That World

  1. Who ever reads it will find at least a line that will question them… everybody is bound to feel guilty somewhere between the lines, so great a poem, that I just wanna see it in school English Curriculum someday soon!

  2. This life – what a wonderful poem! Then and now … as the great Indian Saint who visited Bhutan had said “it is not the time that’s changing, but the people who are.” How true. Time has stayed the same, but people’s attitude towards life has undergone change. That’s why, what was is no what is. Nice poem. Enjoyed every line of it. Aurora, I suggest you to compile a selection and publish these wonderful poems.

  3. @PS, I will think about your suggestion. Thank you.
    @Gally, Thank you for dropping by. I am busy these days. I didn’t get time to read your blog and others blogs too. I know I am missing out on good articles and poems. 😦

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