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The Soldier

Who will look at the sun and say,
‘I know this sky, bright and blue’
The blood that flood the sun rays
is what you and I shed
for freedom and liberation

Thousands went up in smoke in the fire of freedom
Thousands shot through the barrel of liberation
Thousands mourn, with their arms spread
Decapitated limbs and torso and heads
fell in their prayers


Goo(ba)d Prayer


Are you in pain, Old Lady?
Come, let me comfort you.
Your feet ache?
I will carry you.
Oh, you can’t hold the spoon.
Let me feed you.
I will sing you a lullaby:
Sleep, Old Lady,
have a safe passage.

The coins are too heavy?
Let me take the weight off you.
You can’t eat, Old Lady?
Go hungry another day.
Oh, you need to go?
Pee in your pants.
Stop moaning, Old Lady,
you are a nuisance.
When will you pass?


Picture for WordsWorthMillions


Sand along the shore
whistled of majestic yesteryears
bells in the city
echoed deceitful nuptials
cold stars  in the water
reverberated dead love
dusty rays of moon
staled with anticipation of change
wind tripped aimless
amassing prayer for all



In the shadow


A shrill cry
from here
never ending
pain in the cry
tear-stained cheeks
claw the walls
to come out
of the shadows
where beauty
burns to ashes
cries drown in the walls
prayers sway with the wind
mercy is unheard of
waiting for a saviour
who never comes
to the blood-stained shadows
while death awaits
ready to pounce for
growing shadows
move in the darkness
drawing blood tears
beating up the spirit
till it snaps under torture
(of rape)
and the namesake
law protectors laugh evil
at their success
of breaking the
spirit of a human
they pledged to protect
they shall remain in shadows


[Started in May, 2010, completed tonight.]