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Song of Lies

Neither grudge nor curse I shall.

But, write I shall tonight, a song of your lies
Buried in the pit of an ocean that’s your heart
Your ancestors’ graves, warmer than your
Heart that even mask deceit wears.

So shall I tell the wind of your lies,
So the sky shall see your hollowed heart,
The ground shall open to bury the broken
Pieces of my tears, swallow your mask

Naked, be you!!! Dance to ‎the song
I wrote of your lies. The wind shall scream
The song‎. So your other lives shall hear
Them lies, floating in space.


Picture by Aurora
Picture for WordsWorthMillions

When the soul searches
the heart feels
the eyes see
the lips flutter to sing
songs of ecstasy
yesterday matters no more

(Series of conversation inspired poems.)

The Honeymoon

Image from Google

Wedding bells resounded in the vale
people flocked to celebrate
the union of two people

beautiful bride in her happiness
on the arms of her groom
hugged a man friend

next morning bells resounded again
the bride’s body on the pyre
handcuffed groom in tears

the honeymoon was over

When can I start feeling for you?


Be not afraid
for I shall not demand
you for answers
I shall not question
your entry into my world
for you cannot predict your own steps
nor shall I ask you
you started feeling for me
but I shall answer your question
how I let myself feel for you easily
why I let myself go
in a very short time –
there is no time frame
to start feeling for someone
or to fall in love
sometimes it takes a lifetime
sometimes it happens in a blink of an eye
I did not pre-plan our meeting
nor did I plan for you to feel for me
I couldn’t have known that if I felt the same
you would question my feelings
I was trying to sync with you
you gave me your hand
when I gave you mine
you withdrew yours
pardon my naive heart
it didn’t wait a lifetime but
in a blink of an eye
started feeling for you
be not afraid
for I shall not hang on
you shall be free

(I wrote this after a friend of mine told me about how a woman is expected not to like a man before he likes her and even after that, she should take time to feel for the man; how a man says ‘start’ and a relationship starts and when he says ‘stop’ it stops. This maybe subjective. I am not generalizing; just an experience of a friend.)