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Autumn in my heart

The leaves fall off the tress
wind brings in swirls of dust
clouds have stopped turning dark
the sun retires early to the other world
water in the brook has emptied
birds sing melancholy tunes
hues of the sky
tainted with subtle colours
the guitar seems to have forgotten
it’s notes
maize has been harvested
hungry puppies cry for food
walking on fallen leaves
the floor feels colder
I am reminded
it’s autumn
an ache of lose
a joy of all I gained
autumn has set into my heart
and I shall wait for spring


Spending another night alone
watching a movie
it is raining in the movie
so it is raining outside
and my eyes rain down my face

The monsoon is almost on
seasons change
so it does in the movie
memories rain in my heart
seasons of my life change in my memories
will they change ever again?

I am not running away from life
life is running away from me
I watched my past run away from me
even my present seems to
no longer find its roots

I read a comment made in answer to my comment
‘What if I say all that glitters is not gold?’
I write, ‘Of course, “All that glitters is not gold,”
‘Just because everything isn’t gold,
‘Doesn’t mean we stop seeing the glitters in things around us
‘Why look only for gold?’
I continue, ‘And all that is dark and hard ain’t rocks.’

‘By spring I was my old self,’ says the lady in the movie,
I turn it off and go to bed
to dream of spring in my life

Late night. 23.03.10