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Win Her

Worry not, Warrior,
the stone you throw
is into the deepest depth
of a beautiful heart
yet to be conquered.
The day she opens her heart
the sound you’ll hear
is not the slump of the stone
but the beat of her heart
that will beat for only you.
All the stones you threw
will come out in sweet kisses.
Like your warrior forefathers,
you will conquer,
but with love and verses.
Like your warrior foremothers,
you will dance with her
in the glittering desert adorned
by the tears of all your ancestors.


The Independent Woman

Courtesy: PaSsu

You have seen her walk
down the street
tall on her feet
sexy in her moves
noble in her thoughts
beautiful in her actions
an aroma about her
you may sometimes envy her
for the way she carries herself
for her graceful steps
she is everything a human should be
free, independent, strong, different, smart, humourous
beneath all the skins she wears
she wishes people see
how hurt she is at times
despite all the strength she possesses
how stupid she is sometimes
in spite of her smartness
how at times she wishes a strong arm to hold and lead her
despite her independent nature
how ordinary and common she is
just like every other human
how at times her tears flow
under the cover of her humour
how the society tries to cage
her free soul
she knows her place
she would raise a family on her own
feed a village single handedly
yet she would not whine
living a life isn’t difficult
living in a man’s world is
often she is trampled upon
yet she will walk
tall on her feet
sexy in her moves
noble in her thoughts
beautiful in her actions
and down the street
people will turn their heads
to look at
the independent woman