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Broken Time III

Picture for WordsWorthMillions
Picture for WordsWorthMillions


I composed a poem,
he drew a picture
artists as we were
the pencil markings are fading,
time bears my words in its bounded hands.

Profound sadness I feel
for the broken pieces of time
the clock is bleeding within
ever in silence and obedience
lure me on, to where God hides in shame.


Broken Time I



Thought I saw the moon tonight
hiding behind the cloud of deception
in time to lose tomorrow’s memories
disrobe the layers of time, second to minute to hour.

Hypocrisy ran a smile
time melted back to seconds
yes, God shrouded the smile
that hypocrisy cast into space.

Starting over

Life takes its course
no matter how we try
to keep it our way
with time
things and people change
seems to be empty
of trust
loses its meaning
becomes painful
life looks difficult
at times even impossible
we hate the very life
we wanted
and fell In love with
those moments
don’t turn to the west
but to the east
as the sun rises
and we feel it on our skin
we realize it’s not too
late to start over again