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Home Coming

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Snow capped mountains
glistens in the late winter sun;
melancholy song of hoopoes
beckons me home;
fluttering colourful flags
gives me hope to move;
the ring of the water prayer wheel
churns up memories;
smoke from the hearth
teases my taste buds for Ama’s food;
smell of freshly plowed fields
reminds of Apa’s protective hold;
the music from the flute
tells me my friends are waiting;
before the last leaf falls
I will come home

Just a touch



His beauty unclouded by malice-
put every woman to shame,
given a chance, every man
would kill him, with envy

The well-defined nose,
pale lips and sad eyes
ruffles of black hair
had my heart throbbing

My eyes dawdled on him
a magnetic pull fixed on his face
just a touch of his hand
would have been enough

His beautiful face frequented my heart
wanting to see him more
I stalked my memories
to catch a glimpse of him

I found him on the cold winter ground
his black hair white with snow
his sad eyes forever frozen
an empty bottle in his hardened hand

Tears from my eyes
froze on his iced cheek,
dropping next to his cold body
I gently kissed his dead blue lips

One touch will get me through this winter.