Home Coming

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Snow capped mountains
glistens in the late winter sun;
melancholy song of hoopoes
beckons me home;
fluttering colourful flags
gives me hope to move;
the ring of the water prayer wheel
churns up memories;
smoke from the hearth
teases my taste buds for Ama’s food;
smell of freshly plowed fields
reminds of Apa’s protective hold;
the music from the flute
tells me my friends are waiting;
before the last leaf falls
I will come home

6 thoughts on “Home Coming

  1. you are so awesome….this poem..in such a short time…and you come up such a good poem….you should come home soon….:)

  2. You are welcome and waited on. Please come soon. I’m waiting for you. I can’t wait till the cows come home.

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