Month: February 2011

The Last Hug

Pitter-patter pitter-patter
prompts a story
of a little girl
written sixteen springs ago
for an English exam paper

she visits her sick best friend
in the hospital and
sees a frail static girl
after shedding tears
kisses goodbye to leave

pitter-patter pitter-patter
the rain falls
down the path
she hears her friend
offer her an umbrella

a sadness in her voice
her friend reassures
of her recovery
they hug and part
to meet again

the next day, the little girl
humming happily
bounces along the path
to her best friends house and
finds people mourning

‘She’s gone,’ they tell her
Impossible! she checks the time
as the rain had started falling
pitter-patter pitter-patter
her friend had said her goodbye


Loving Heart’s Day

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A rose bled for the want of a heart
to accept it with its thorn.
The heart bled for the want of another heart
to embrace it with lasting warmth.
Heart’s day or not, the heart bled
in solitude, on or not on loving heart’s day
till one heart’s day
it recovered the true meaning of it.
The heart recognized it as a day
to feast in the love received and given
to celebrate a heart able of loving
even without another heart to reciprocate.
Yet a new loving heart’s day
another heart bleeds for having lost a warm heart.
Hopeful it will also discover the true meaning
of  the day to celebrate all loving hearts.

[For my heart broken friend. I love you, buddy.]


Raining Sunshine


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The over cast sky loomed
clouds rolled as in rage
thunder roared like cannons
moisture hung in the air

wind swept-up sand from the river
fallen leaves danced in clouds of dust
birds caught rainbows in their wings
plants breathe life, with joy

shiny dark droplets of water
came pouring down
beating up dust off the ground
first rain of another season

as if a cannon shot through
the clouds parted and disseminated
leaving a patch of clear blue sky
for the sun to shine through

it is going to be a good season

Par(tition) -Division

How can a country be divided?
a question I ask
to no one in particular
do we split it like an apple?
right in the middle
with a long knife
maybe a short one
or just blast it into two
would it even matter
when yesterday’s friends
become today’s enemies
when blood can no longer be red
to hold a brotherhood together
when humanity flushes down
the river of transgression and treachery
when an opening opens
and there is no closure to the end
when the proud anthem
turns to cries of torment and bitterness
yet I still wonder
how can a country be divided?

Block (blog) Again


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Words find no place in my heart
smashed pumpkins kindle no desire
for poems to breath on my blog
stories of joy and sorrow have forgotten
to appear on my page
I hang on the smoke of vague ideas
hoping to rejuvenate love for a dead man
in folktales to see his ghost
in the ruins of the past
where he avenged the death of his love
to feel heaven in spring
and I am still counting sheep