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They Always Leave

His words wound around her fragile heart
like a vengeful venomous snake
to strike again with malice

she stood stupefied and motionless
trails of tears slithered down
the hill of her bony check

with careful intent he folded his clothes
she watched him pack his bags
swing it over his shoulders

in utmost grace he walked to the door
she held him back by his bag
and broke down crying

a broken heart to nurse, wet eyes to dry
why do they always leave her
making promises at first

she will stumble through life for answers
nobody can answer her questions
she will go back to being her

The Snake Brides

The mother died at birth
leaving the father to raise
their daughter single-handedly
so he did
until he met a snake
who wanted the daughter’s hand
in marriage
in exchange for the father’s life.

The daughter on knowing this wailed
but she had to save her father
with heavy heart handed over
his beautiful daughter to the snake
as soon turned into a handsome prince
whose curse by the wicked witch
was broken
because a girl agreed to marry him
and they lived happily.

The news of this travelled on the wind
to reach a rich man’s ears
who had a daughter
expecting the same fate
to become a richer man
with greed captured a big snake
locked it in a room
with his frightened daughter
only to unlock a bloodied room
with a dead snake
and a hand in supplication.

[A Bhutanese folklore of greed. The story version, written by my friend Ngawang ‘Penstar’ Phuntsho, is published on Writers Association of Bhutan. ]