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The Surfer

Salt on his board, sand in his underwear
A stud on waves, entertain a bored audience

Couple pose for pictures up on a dead tree
The sunset is lazy

One by one they all come in
A smile here and a frown there

Through the glasses of a sultry woman
He watches the ocean

The Outsider

http://photos.nuff-respec.com (Daniel Bulli)

I strolled the streets
lined with
in a faraway land
when I felt the tug
a small hand
stretched out to me
belonging to a bright face
with the prettiest smile
she took my hand
I held hers
we walked the streets
until she was driven
away from a store
I entered
she belonged there
I was the outsider
I came out
she was gone
I strolled around
fate as people say
she found me
we held hands
strolled again
smiling at each other
(our common language)
we came to another store
she was shouted at and stopped at the door
she waited for me outside
but I was the outsider
we walked again
till we came to another store
the man gestured at her to stay outside
but I was the outsider
I gestured at the man
took her in with me
longingly she looked around
I bought her
packets of edibles
trivial tug at my purse
or my hand
she tugged my heart
with her smiles
and I was the outsider

Young Forever

Courtesy: PaSsu

Streaks of gray hair
the ever growing dark eye bags,
wrinkles at noticeable corners
the fattening abdomen
flabby thighs and arms
failing eye sights
never ceasing tiredness
and you delve into your heart
there lives a baby
who is just born
there lives a child
who is exploring the big world
there lives a teenager
who is lost in a world of fantasy and imagination
there lives a young adult
who takes a step into the world of reality
there lives an adult
who is cautious of the surrounding
there lives a middle aged person
who is growing wiser with the years
there lives an elderly person
who is wise but younger
filled with youthful endeavors
and the streaks of gray hair
the ever growing dark eye bags,
wrinkles at noticeable corners
the fattening abdomen
flabby thighs and arms
failing eye sights
never ceasing tiredness
disappears in reminiscence
holding hands
and walking fearlessly
into the future with
middle age and
a vibrant person
ever strong and beautiful-
smiles back in the mirror

A Lover’s Seasons

Weeping Woman, Pablo Picasso (1937)

Summers and years of loyalty
her love froze his heart
she would just sit and wonder why
she would have willingly given up her life for him
but her life and sacrifices
were of no value to him
the thunderbolt of Zeus
should have struck her dead
when she realised the reason for his coldness
her heart froze too
with too much of hurt deep within
she smiled lest people should notice her tears
but too many winters
rejuvenated her heart
it got warmer
now she has learned to hear and
love the melodies
in the wind
in the brook
in the chirping of birds
in the laughter of a stranger
and sweetest are the melodies
she hears in the silence
her heart did grow warm again
years apart
she finds contentment
in his happiness
in his new life
he loves another woman
but it isn’t important -she loves him
love lasted till the heartache season
heartache will last till the next love season

Keeping me Alive

[Entered for Monday Poetry Potluck . The theme is Dreams, Visions and Reveries.  December 5th, 2010]


God put us in each others path
to help one another
life is good and its better
when we have each other as friends

Life is full of tears and smiles
but we will smile
and stay like this forever
till the end of time
you won’t lose your way
when I go away
even when eternal sleep embraces me
you have to keep me alive
in your memories
fate might led us to different lives
but the path we travel
will be same

Don’t drag me into your thoughts
too often
least you want to always keep me there
that’s only where I can stay
only in someone’s thoughts
I know you hold me dear
I also know not for long
the moon will rise and set
so I will set
as I rose in your heart

Always remember
I never forgot you then
I will never forget you ever


[For my childhood friend who thought I would forget him. He is a recovering poly addict.]