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Clothes of Memories


How does one unsing songs
the notes of which
touched in places orgasmic
uncompose poems written in trance

How does one undo romances
that haunt with an ache
unlove love which was felt
in a moment of spontaneity

Now, how do I wash a kiss
of fire that rained
till it rode away in a taxi
at five in the morning

Even clothes wear memories,
burn them or wear them


Broken Time III

Picture for WordsWorthMillions
Picture for WordsWorthMillions


I composed a poem,
he drew a picture
artists as we were
the pencil markings are fading,
time bears my words in its bounded hands.

Profound sadness I feel
for the broken pieces of time
the clock is bleeding within
ever in silence and obedience
lure me on, to where God hides in shame.

Block (blog) Again


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Words find no place in my heart
smashed pumpkins kindle no desire
for poems to breath on my blog
stories of joy and sorrow have forgotten
to appear on my page
I hang on the smoke of vague ideas
hoping to rejuvenate love for a dead man
in folktales to see his ghost
in the ruins of the past
where he avenged the death of his love
to feel heaven in spring
and I am still counting sheep