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My Religion


What religion you follow?
who? Me?
I don’t know
for sure
I was born a Buddhist
read The life of the Buddha
went to pagodas to pray
I saw a Hindu temple
read the Gita
folded my hands
and prayed
I saw a Church
read the Bible
knelt in front of Christ on the Cross
and prayed
I saw a Mosque
read the Quran
spread my palms
for prayer
now you tell me
what religion I follow?
if you are confused
Humanity I call it
the only  religion I follow

[Not meant to hurt the sentiments of anyone.]

This poem is entered in the Thursday Poets Rally Week 32 (November 4-10)


Lost Childhood

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He holds it close to his chest
his tiny fingers ready on the trigger
he must have rained
more bullets than the number
of hours he walked the earth
the fearless eyes
than the dark well
swallows the untold
unheard tales
of an unseen childhood
of lost innocence
among bloodshed
unquenchable greed of human
him wade in his mother’s blood
and feed on his father’s flesh
alas! He is a human child.

[Inspired by a television ad on diamond mining in Africa.]


It knocks on my window
it knocks on my door
it shouts and cries
it pleads me to let it in
but why?
I let it in many times before
it left me and others
when we needed it
though it always came back
I don’t want to let it enter
but i won’t be able to go on without it
it has been with human
in the dreariest of moments
that’s what everyone says
maybe this time it returned
just in time, to stay on
when humanity need it the most
more than ever before
this time maybe it will cling on
even if it flew away before
Dickinson was right
‘Hope is a thing with feather’
I open my window and let it in.