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Human and Animals

This poem is entered for Monday Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry and the theme for this week is Nature: Plants, Creatures and the Cosmos.

Picture for WordsWorthMillions

Unsurprisingly in the country
silence, animals, nature and human
live in harmony
unsurprisingly in the country
exotic birds stay perched on roads
undisturbed by human presence
unsurprisingly in the country
deers continue grazing in the dark
un-threatened by vehicles’ head lights
unsurprisingly in the country
monkeys park near the roadside
watching human activities
while humans watch them all
unsurprisingly this will soon be a lost world
where human will fight for survival
animals will fight for survival
surprisingly knowing
that existence of both is essential
for the existence of the other

[Despite the threat to wildlife, our country still enjoy all these scene without having to visit zoos (there are hardly any zoo in the country) and the ‘hazy’ picture here was taken from a distance as not to disturb the birds. ]


Some people laugh
some people cry
I want to laugh now
I have shed
enough tears

Some feel high
some feel low
I was made to feel low
now I will walk
high in life

Some people rise
some people fall
I will rise after every fall
I fell and learned to stand up
after falling

Some people move on
some give up
I had given up once
I will move on and carry on with my life

Some people pray
some people curse
I tried not to curse anyone
but now I pray
people who hurt me, be happy

Some people forgive
some avenge
revenge is tempting
but I choose to forgive
everyone for the tears they caused me

Some people rejoice
some mourn
for long I mourned for yesterday
now I rejoice
the new life I am living
every single day
with liberty
hopeful for a better tomorrow

Some are winners
some losers
I felt like a victim
a loser
but I drew energy
from my pain
learned to face life and live on
and I realized
I was a winner all along
a surviour