Human and Animals

This poem is entered for Monday Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry and the theme for this week is Nature: Plants, Creatures and the Cosmos.

Picture for WordsWorthMillions

Unsurprisingly in the country
silence, animals, nature and human
live in harmony
unsurprisingly in the country
exotic birds stay perched on roads
undisturbed by human presence
unsurprisingly in the country
deers continue grazing in the dark
un-threatened by vehicles’ head lights
unsurprisingly in the country
monkeys park near the roadside
watching human activities
while humans watch them all
unsurprisingly this will soon be a lost world
where human will fight for survival
animals will fight for survival
surprisingly knowing
that existence of both is essential
for the existence of the other

[Despite the threat to wildlife, our country still enjoy all these scene without having to visit zoos (there are hardly any zoo in the country) and the ‘hazy’ picture here was taken from a distance as not to disturb the birds. ]

19 thoughts on “Human and Animals

    1. True Charles and our country is doing everything to prevent the habitat of animals. With more than 60% forest cover, half of the country has been turned into animal sanctuaries connected by biological corridors because of which it is like driving through a big zoo. Hunting is illegal but our farmers suffer from crop destruction by animals. We can only hope we find solutions to all these, suitable to both men and animals.

  1. Without animals humans die, and because we are the top of the food chain (and because only we can fix the environmental damage we have done), without us animals die.
    Important things to remember. Good job.

  2. A,

    It was fun reading your poem. And yes, you have truly depicted the picture of our rich ecosystem and biodiversity.

    I still pray that our country remain same – not necessary to have separate zoos for those visitors. Everywhere, its an open zoo!

  3. Beautiful images, heartfelt thoughts… it is at humans hand that the demise of animals happens, yet we balk when after we have taken over, they dare to enter our domain. Have we not learned from our mistakes!

  4. Mi amiga, lovely description of the nature of your country, one must feel blessed to be surrounded with such a beauty! Hugs!

  5. Very effective use of repetition and strong message that we need to attend to. As my beautiful area is witnessing, overdevelopment is encroaching on the habitat of deer and bears and other animals–then people get upset when the deer eat their gardens or the bears invade their garbage. So sad.

  6. A disheartening read indeed, it is sad yet at the same time you are blessed by being able to see it all, so to speak, from your backyard.

  7. What a Catch 22 situation..isn’t it?? I am sure there is a way to avoid it.. I hope I find my own little way in this lifetime!
    Your poems is simply beautiful, with oodles of meaning! And the “unsurprisingly” repetition really added to the effect! Drove the point home! A superb poem!

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