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Block (blog) Again


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Words find no place in my heart
smashed pumpkins kindle no desire
for poems to breath on my blog
stories of joy and sorrow have forgotten
to appear on my page
I hang on the smoke of vague ideas
hoping to rejuvenate love for a dead man
in folktales to see his ghost
in the ruins of the past
where he avenged the death of his love
to feel heaven in spring
and I am still counting sheep

Of gold and children

Photo by Passu

Two brothers of same birth
lived in the far East
where the younger a simpleton
kept his small plot of land
and the elder being sly
with their parents’ wealth
lived comfortably.

The younger brother was rich
in happiness
for he had three children
while the other was child-less
and with envy
he listened to his poor brother’s laughter.

Unable to accept his brother’s happiness
asked his wife to display all their gold and silver
and tried to laugh, to be happy
but no laughter came nor joy
they forced themselves
hopelessly their laughs sounded empty
as his wife’s bosom and his lap.

The joyous laughter from his brother’s house
continued to echo and vibrate through the walls.

[Based on a tale I heard. ‘Children are the greatest joy.’ The story version  is published on Writers Association of Bhutan.]


Dear children,
you will grow up someday
and see for yourself what
life is about
it is beautiful if you know
how to live it
don’t rush to grow up
take your time
nothing can match your childhood moments
there will come a time for you to grow up
learn to love more
it is the most beautiful feeling
though you will suffer heartaches sometimes
hatred should be forgotten
it will drain out every good in you
count on hope
for it will never disappear
never strive to be perfect
in imperfection, you will find beauty
quit is the word
quit fighting, you won’t be a coward
it takes courage to stand and fight
takes even more courage to back off
only a hero can do that
quit drugs
it will take you high
but drag you into a hell of a life
quit telling lies
a lie will path ways to thousand other lies
but don’t quit on yourself
seek justice
give justice
fairness and equality are qualities
worthy of a leader
smile at all times
your smiles will make someone’s day
it will make your day
look around you
nature showers joy in abundance
bundles of joys in dew drops
gaze at stars
you will see yourself there someday
come to terms with your past
live in your present
your future will unfold on its own
remember with every meeting
comes departure
you will have memories to cherish
living a life
is like painting a picture
many times you get to choose
the best colours
make your own strokes
pick your colours wisely


Here it is again
it makes me feel cuddled
it makes me feel sensual
it makes me feel in my own skin
it makes me want to jump
it makes me want to dance
it makes me want to sing
it makes me spread my arms
it makes me wait for it like for a lover
it makes me giggle like a kid
it makes me open my mouth to get it in
it makes me joyful
most of all it helps me hide my tears
for, at times, heaven cries too