Of gold and children

Photo by Passu

Two brothers of same birth
lived in the far East
where the younger a simpleton
kept his small plot of land
and the elder being sly
with their parents’ wealth
lived comfortably.

The younger brother was rich
in happiness
for he had three children
while the other was child-less
and with envy
he listened to his poor brother’s laughter.

Unable to accept his brother’s happiness
asked his wife to display all their gold and silver
and tried to laugh, to be happy
but no laughter came nor joy
they forced themselves
hopelessly their laughs sounded empty
as his wife’s bosom and his lap.

The joyous laughter from his brother’s house
continued to echo and vibrate through the walls.

[Based on a tale I heard. ‘Children are the greatest joy.’ The story version  is published on Writers Association of Bhutan.]


6 thoughts on “Of gold and children

  1. hmmm.. very nicely crafted!!
    he story sounded much better in your words.. I feel super inspired by the fact- how talented you are! You read a tale, sort of folklore, and turn in into poetry!

    Very well done MyD..
    Mega Hugs xxx

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