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The Soldier

Who will look at the sun and say,
‘I know this sky, bright and blue’
The blood that flood the sun rays
is what you and I shed
for freedom and liberation

Thousands went up in smoke in the fire of freedom
Thousands shot through the barrel of liberation
Thousands mourn, with their arms spread
Decapitated limbs and torso and heads
fell in their prayers


Raining Sunshine


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The over cast sky loomed
clouds rolled as in rage
thunder roared like cannons
moisture hung in the air

wind swept-up sand from the river
fallen leaves danced in clouds of dust
birds caught rainbows in their wings
plants breathe life, with joy

shiny dark droplets of water
came pouring down
beating up dust off the ground
first rain of another season

as if a cannon shot through
the clouds parted and disseminated
leaving a patch of clear blue sky
for the sun to shine through

it is going to be a good season

Footprints in the Sand

They walk towards the river
she pulls her cardigan
as she feels the cool river breeze
gently blow in her hair
two sets of footprints follow them
he holds her closer
with promises and dreams
she feels safe to have him
to get her through the chilly night

She writes their names in the sand
engraving them
with hopes and aspirations of their lives
she slows down
to dip her hand in the winter river
she flushes the water on her face

chill runs down her spine
panic seizes her
she turn back
only one set of footprints in the sand
follow her
the sudden change in the breeze
gives new unknown strength to
the waves
sets in washing his name away
little by little, end by end
till only her name remains

She waits and stern her eyes
looking as far
something doesn’t feel right
truth sets in as she walks
towards a small dot on the dark plain
he is walking away
he disappears from her sight
blending with the landscape
clouds appear
casting her world into darkness
she looks up into the once bright night sky
there is not a single star to take her
to him