Tag: Poverty

Youth and Decay

Run along now, li’l one
get home safe
the pavement is crowded
the road is bustling

mother is kitty partying
father is gambling
elder sister is getting laid
brother is street fighting

run along now, li’l one
before a shadow follows
you in the dark alley
into your dreams

customs officials bribed
policemen two steps behind
bankers forging signatures
government imposing bans

run along now, li’l one
eat all you can
before food becomes a luxury
and receipt a necessity

poverty clings on bones
in fallow lands
richness sucks goodness
out of humanity

run along now, li’l one
earn what you want
let no grandpa buy you
for what you need



What is the news today?
The news today is
children have grown up
live in big houses
which don’t have room
for their aging parents.
Parents are busy socializing
to see their 9 year olds
getting high on drugs.
The news today is
a boy of 14 was beaten up
by the police
for collecting scraps.
Hatred is found at every corner
of the street
love has vanished altogether.
The news today is
people kill each other
in the name of religion
which (in fact) prohibit killing.
Wars are fought
for no particular reason
blood is spilled to spill oil wells.
The news today is
a 11 month old baby
was raped by a man in his 40s.
A young lady was put to death
by her male relatives
in the name of honour.
People waste more than
what they consume.
The news today is
these dramas will go on forever.