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Hide the moon,
that wretched heart
yearns for things
out of this world


Flying Heart


The moon laughs
at the heart by my side.
The sun burns it to ashes.
My blood I pour and,
rises, it from ashes
and put on the wings
of a Phoenix

The dark call


One bright night
when she wasn’t very alert
a call from far away

Beckoned her to dark reasons
the cloaks of passion and confusion
hazed the moon

She gasped for air and light
’cause the path she was about to jaunt
was dark, suffocating and deceitful

With indisposition
her heart trended towards
dreary familiar territory

Of deceit, pain and guilt
that will tug at her heart
up and down her life

Heaven cannot be far away

In the silence of the night
past midnight
I sat puffing a cigarette
listening to the country night
the sound of crickets
away from city night,
the roar of motors;
watching the insects dance in the moon,
television sets at rest;
fresh smell of grasses,
colognes at their sources;
heaven cannot be out of reach
as they say
high up in the sky
heaven cannot be for good souls only
like they taught
and here I was
in the silence of the night
past midnight
I sat puffing a cigarette
beside the stream
which flowed
in heaven