Month: May 2013

Letter of Introduction

Courtesy: Living Locurto
Courtesy: Living Locurto

‘Sometimes she is
very rude and abrupt
so don’t mind
if she says
something unfavorable
’cause she has some
psychological issues’
was the letter
of introduction
a friend wrote


Our Odour

Courtesy: LoadPaper
Courtesy: LoadPaper

The moment when you smell
the perfect fragrance in a crowd
(the one you wanted to wear for years).
Such was the moment I met you.
‘Am I nothing but an odour to you?’
What’s left of us but odour?
That lasts as long as the memory of it.
What was left of me for you
when I left was odour on clothes.
And what was left of you for me
when you left was your odour on the pillow