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ever wondered
when smoke clears
if you will inspire
a stranger to
write a song
about you
give them
sleepless night
see you
in their dreams
feel an ache
for not


Clothes of Memories


How does one unsing songs
the notes of which
touched in places orgasmic
uncompose poems written in trance

How does one undo romances
that haunt with an ache
unlove love which was felt
in a moment of spontaneity

Now, how do I wash a kiss
of fire that rained
till it rode away in a taxi
at five in the morning

Even clothes wear memories,
burn them or wear them

I Don’t Want a Sad Farewell

If anything happens to me
if death follows me stealthy
empties my body of its soul
write me a poem, will you
a song maybe or at least sing
I don’t want a sad farewell