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Your Funeral

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A horrible death he died,
the man I loved way back then.
Horrible – because he became you.


Hurt Her Not



He watches her sleep
in all her vulnerability.

He would give anything
to see her dark jubilant eyes
have her arms around him
moist her lips with his
hear her say his name.

He kisses her forehead
runs his hand over her cheek
he would give up every passion
to watch her sleep all night


The Pumpkin Story

Picture for WordsWorthMillions

It was in the middle of the road
smashed like no one’s business
quizzing, I stared at its splashed juice for long
to take a snap of its orange flesh and white seeds.

I conjured stories about it
the reason it was there
not in someone’s plate
why a passing animal didn’t feed on it.

A man and wife going home from the farm
had a cat fight, clawing at each other
the wife hit him with it in anger
in-turn the man smashed it on the road.

The beggar’s son stole it from the garden
only to be seen by the farmer
who chased him heels on with a stick
in the process threw it at the farmer.

The rich man’s daughter was given it
lovingly she carried it home to cook
until she met her father on the way
who threw it away saying rich don’t feed on it.

The man shopped according to his wife’s list
put the loot on the back of his scooter
and having had it for all meals in a day
decided to smash it making it look like an accident.

Or maybe it happened to be there
just like I happened to be there
at that moment, just by chance
it was no one’s business to conjure stories about it.


[Entered for Thursday Poets Rally Week 34 (December 2-8) 2010.]

That Life, That World

An unlit traditional Bhutanese Hearth, abandoned in an old house

Come and sit by me
I will tell you a story or two
of the days when world was different
when birds flew freely
when rivers flowed clear
when the clouds moved to grace the blue sky
when the moon shone the brightest in the night sky
when little boys and little girls played into dark
of the times when strangers smiled at each other
when a young person stopped to help an old lady
of the times when mothers suckled her child at her breast
when fathers took his children to play a game or two in the fields
of times when grandfathers and grandchildren sat by the hearth
while grandmothers cooked, and shared centuries-old stories of values and love
when man loved his woman the way she should be
when woman warmed her bed only with her man
when children held their old parents in their arms
when students bowed to their teachers in reverence
of the times when happiness wasn’t paid for
when wars were avoided
of times when human were humane
when animals were treated as a member of the family
life was different
I lived that life, in that world