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And they held me

This poem is entered for Monday Poetry Potluck [29/11/2010] at Jingle Poetry and the theme for this week is Nature: Plants, Creatures and the Cosmos.

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The fog sets into the valley
a light drizzle is on *Kanglung
on yellowing leaves
a sign of the setting of summer
rise of autumn

In the distance the birds sing
the song of the approaching season
the song of human lives
the song of my loneliness
and a sign of the approaching woods

I walk the path into the woods
my gateway to solace
the cold wind stings my face
small pearl like droplets
of water in my hair
lose themselves
like I lost myself in life

My nose takes in the familiar
raw smell
of the living woods mixed with dust and
roving smoke from the chimneys of
the village down in the vales

I try to see through the fog
I see the silhouettes
of trees, my companion of years
in happiness and in sorrow
coming into view

Their branches reach forth
to touch me as always
to reassure me of
finer things tomorrow
to brush away
my pain of today

It’s like they know
why I haunt like a spirit among them
I feel no words in my mouth
as tears tighten my throat
choking me

The wind blows
as if to tell me
to cry my heart out
I feel the branches
embrace me
like the arms of a friend
warm and comforting
on a cold evening
as the rain showers down
it drips by the side of my face
I cry rain mingled with tears

The wind howls mad through the
trees at that moment
drowning my sobs
like a friend they are
covering my embarrassment of
having to cry out loud

As I walk homeward I hear the
leaves rustle and the wind
whisper in my ears
to come back again
the branches stroke my face
the wind howls
I understand why


*Kanglung : A place in Bhutan

[I started this poem in 2003 and completed in 2009]


Spending another night alone
watching a movie
it is raining in the movie
so it is raining outside
and my eyes rain down my face

The monsoon is almost on
seasons change
so it does in the movie
memories rain in my heart
seasons of my life change in my memories
will they change ever again?

I am not running away from life
life is running away from me
I watched my past run away from me
even my present seems to
no longer find its roots

I read a comment made in answer to my comment
‘What if I say all that glitters is not gold?’
I write, ‘Of course, “All that glitters is not gold,”
‘Just because everything isn’t gold,
‘Doesn’t mean we stop seeing the glitters in things around us
‘Why look only for gold?’
I continue, ‘And all that is dark and hard ain’t rocks.’

‘By spring I was my old self,’ says the lady in the movie,
I turn it off and go to bed
to dream of spring in my life

Late night. 23.03.10