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Envy Drops

Picture: HD Wallpapers
Picture: HD Wallpapers

Li’l dewdrop covets the sun
on the wings of the li’l bird
for, vapour, the sun turns it into
life, like that blink of an eye
Who cares but itself
life, in that blink of an eye
thousand rainbows, it explodes into
on the wings of the li’l bird
Li’l dewdrop covets the sun no more

Raining Sunshine


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The over cast sky loomed
clouds rolled as in rage
thunder roared like cannons
moisture hung in the air

wind swept-up sand from the river
fallen leaves danced in clouds of dust
birds caught rainbows in their wings
plants breathe life, with joy

shiny dark droplets of water
came pouring down
beating up dust off the ground
first rain of another season

as if a cannon shot through
the clouds parted and disseminated
leaving a patch of clear blue sky
for the sun to shine through

it is going to be a good season

Autumn in my heart

The leaves fall off the tress
wind brings in swirls of dust
clouds have stopped turning dark
the sun retires early to the other world
water in the brook has emptied
birds sing melancholy tunes
hues of the sky
tainted with subtle colours
the guitar seems to have forgotten
it’s notes
maize has been harvested
hungry puppies cry for food
walking on fallen leaves
the floor feels colder
I am reminded
it’s autumn
an ache of lose
a joy of all I gained
autumn has set into my heart
and I shall wait for spring