Autumn in my heart

The leaves fall off the tress
wind brings in swirls of dust
clouds have stopped turning dark
the sun retires early to the other world
water in the brook has emptied
birds sing melancholy tunes
hues of the sky
tainted with subtle colours
the guitar seems to have forgotten
it’s notes
maize has been harvested
hungry puppies cry for food
walking on fallen leaves
the floor feels colder
I am reminded
it’s autumn
an ache of lose
a joy of all I gained
autumn has set into my heart
and I shall wait for spring

7 thoughts on “Autumn in my heart

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and for inviting me to participate in the potluck Halloween party.
      I will try to write a poem on Halloween from what I have seen and heard. I have never had a Halloween party as we don’t celebrate Halloween in our country. 🙂
      You will have to guide me though. How do I link in?

  1. Lovely and peaceful. Thank you. Nice work.

    (Glad I stayed to read this after the Halloween poem!)

    It’s all fun…

    I hope you are enjoy Rally and your visits from and to other poets.

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