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Cold Breath

Liza Montgomery

Eyes follow puffs of breath
blue toes peep out of his shoes
everyday is winter for him



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Spring paints seasons in colours
clouds disperse to a bright day
flowers flower to blooming life
rivers cleanse the dirt beneath
trees spread their roots deep
rain brings fresh fragrance

love of family bond strong
loyal friends remain faithful
money buys every necessity
wealth gives status and power

yet death shall breathe chills
into souls to say goodbye to life
wrapped in white clothe on a pyre
shall burn to ashes into nothingness

[This is the 3rd poem I have written on death in a row. I assure nothing is wrong. Death fascinates me. ]

Living and loving

Stop sometimes
take a deep breath
turn to look back
at things
and be thankful
for the things and people you have
in your life
let your ego down
open your heart
let love enter
life isn’t so bad after all
learn to live
not just for yourself
also for the people
around you
for those who
care for you