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The Soldier

Who will look at the sun and say,
‘I know this sky, bright and blue’
The blood that flood the sun rays
is what you and I shed
for freedom and liberation

Thousands went up in smoke in the fire of freedom
Thousands shot through the barrel of liberation
Thousands mourn, with their arms spread
Decapitated limbs and torso and heads
fell in their prayers



Some people laugh
some people cry
I want to laugh now
I have shed
enough tears

Some feel high
some feel low
I was made to feel low
now I will walk
high in life

Some people rise
some people fall
I will rise after every fall
I fell and learned to stand up
after falling

Some people move on
some give up
I had given up once
I will move on and carry on with my life

Some people pray
some people curse
I tried not to curse anyone
but now I pray
people who hurt me, be happy

Some people forgive
some avenge
revenge is tempting
but I choose to forgive
everyone for the tears they caused me

Some people rejoice
some mourn
for long I mourned for yesterday
now I rejoice
the new life I am living
every single day
with liberty
hopeful for a better tomorrow

Some are winners
some losers
I felt like a victim
a loser
but I drew energy
from my pain
learned to face life and live on
and I realized
I was a winner all along
a surviour



The heaven must be happy today
blue sky
birds fly as the rainbow
drinks from the river beyond
the light drizzle tickles my face
as it tickles my soul
ah my soul!
captive of my body
one day would be free
to fly with the bird
slide on rainbows
drink from river beyond
what will this world remember of me then?

[This poem is entered for Monday Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry and the theme for this week is magic and miracle, wizardry and wonder.[