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Hurt Her Not



He watches her sleep
in all her vulnerability.

He would give anything
to see her dark jubilant eyes
have her arms around him
moist her lips with his
hear her say his name.

He kisses her forehead
runs his hand over her cheek
he would give up every passion
to watch her sleep all night



Waste management

There was a new meeting
I needed to attend
important people were coming
I was told
to talk on a very important issue
called waste management
I didn’t want to go but
it was very important
they said in between
I sat down to
three and half hours
between dozing off
and pinches
listened to important talks
of more than dozen people
on theories of managing
our waste
then came refreshment
tea was served in plastic cups
snacks in paper plates
water in pet bottles were passed around
so were candies in wrappers
all in a plastic bag were passed
didn’t they say plastic bags
were banned in the country
oh I blushed
were we talking of
managing waste
or did I misunderstand
unable to gather the rational
I watched the important talkers
chomp snacks off paper plates
drink from plastic cups
accept pet bottled water
pop the candies in their mouth
while the wrappers fell at their feet
I saw my time wasted
I should have had a good sleep
I thought as I walked out
and I swear
I didn’t touch
anything of the refreshment

Coaxing the Sleepy Angel

The world sleeps in deep slumber
while I lay awake recounting
the history of Solomon and Sheba
the fan hums above my head
and my bed beckons me to lie in it
the angel of sleep has been angry with me
she has refused to visit me
to make my eyes droopy with exhaust

my coffee cup on the table
stands mockingly
for it has played a part
in the angel’s rage against me
my fags peep out of their box
waiting for me to pick one
I say turn away from them
I will coax and beg sleepy angel
to visit me again
to wave her wand at me
to help me droop my eyes

wide awake
I go to coax the angel of sleep

20th April