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My Chiseled Heart

Paint, use brush
the art instructor said
I took the brush to the canvas
he closed the class door on me

use a model, naked
my partner said
I stripped a woman
he took her to bed

use your imagination, raw
my friend said
I drew her
she stopped talking to me

enough! I said
I took a chisel and
carved the heart
out of the canvas


Broken Time I



Thought I saw the moon tonight
hiding behind the cloud of deception
in time to lose tomorrow’s memories
disrobe the layers of time, second to minute to hour.

Hypocrisy ran a smile
time melted back to seconds
yes, God shrouded the smile
that hypocrisy cast into space.

Loving Heart’s Day

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A rose bled for the want of a heart
to accept it with its thorn.
The heart bled for the want of another heart
to embrace it with lasting warmth.
Heart’s day or not, the heart bled
in solitude, on or not on loving heart’s day
till one heart’s day
it recovered the true meaning of it.
The heart recognized it as a day
to feast in the love received and given
to celebrate a heart able of loving
even without another heart to reciprocate.
Yet a new loving heart’s day
another heart bleeds for having lost a warm heart.
Hopeful it will also discover the true meaning
of  the day to celebrate all loving hearts.

[For my heart broken friend. I love you, buddy.]


Let me cry tonight




Let me cry tonight
I am a mere shadow
that coils your soul
my face is forgotten
which was etched in many hearts

Let me cry tonight
my voice doesn’t echo
which sang poetry
my songs fed barren hearts
as others fed mine

Let me cry tonight
no more colours flash in my eyes
which were once deep with them
like smoke I drift aimlessly
between bleak lives

Let me cry tonight
I am a bewildered spirit
eclipsed by my anonymity
threatening to efface my identity
of being existent

Let me cry tonight