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Loving Heart’s Day

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A rose bled for the want of a heart
to accept it with its thorn.
The heart bled for the want of another heart
to embrace it with lasting warmth.
Heart’s day or not, the heart bled
in solitude, on or not on loving heart’s day
till one heart’s day
it recovered the true meaning of it.
The heart recognized it as a day
to feast in the love received and given
to celebrate a heart able of loving
even without another heart to reciprocate.
Yet a new loving heart’s day
another heart bleeds for having lost a warm heart.
Hopeful it will also discover the true meaning
of  the day to celebrate all loving hearts.

[For my heart broken friend. I love you, buddy.]


The Coal Miner

He emerges from a hole in the ground
and yes he is all black
no no no
he isn’t a rabbit or a mouse
don’t mistake his blackness
as ugliness of his soul
even if his lungs are smeared black
he helps the world stay warm
he drills the ground like his life
he fills his lungs with dirt
to fed his wife and son
whom he returns to at night
with pride and love
without washing or dining
he blows his dirt filled lungs
at the fire place
so his family stays warm
so the world keeps moving and
you feel his presence
in your life
if you ponder enough
for without the coal miner
and his soothing face black
his family would be wasted
the world would be cold