Month: May 2010

We will Stand

Obstacles may come
climbing over mountains
sorrows may come
flying in the air
tears may come
crossing the seas
they might enter our souls
they might hurt our souls
but they cannot imprison our souls
for our souls are our own
death is the only obstacle
we can’t fight
whatever happens
we will take our stand
happiness is expensive
but smiles still come cheap
we know
someday we will get
what we deserve
is rightfully ours-


Walking into a Sunset

Taking a walk into the sunset
I looked back
saw my life like a movie
I have lived in the dark
in the bright
I have loved women
I have cried and laughed –
I saw the tears dry
and the laughter continued
to quiver more in my ears
I felt light
I looked in front
I wasn’t walking anymore
I was flying with the cloud
flying away to a new world
to a new beginning


[Entered for Monday Poetry Potluck . The theme is Dreams, Visions and Reveries.  December 5th, 2010]

Hurt was Never so Hurtful

times after
hits you
right at your heart
moments of love
moments of silence
moments of masking
last thread
of bond
with very sharp
in your heart
tears break free
from your eyes
hurt was never
so hurtful

The Desert Flower

bright lights
the black hole
people run
men shout
women sob
children wail
mud walls of centuries
crumble down to dust
thicker than water
blood of innocents
seep into the dust
out of sight
tears fall
on desert dust
into eternity
the desert flower
in the chaos
of gunfire and bombs

[The other day I was looking at pictures of war in the middle east.]


It was a year
of pain
crying herself to sleep
wetting the pillow
every night
during the day
curling up on the bed
crying silently
‘I messed up’
she was giving up on herself
somehow she knew
there were good reasons
to start over
was what she needed
to find herself
one bright morning
as the sun rose over the horizon
she found
an inspiration
which helped her
find at least a part of her
and made her ponder
there were more important things in life
she created a whole new world
to live in


Starting over

Life takes its course
no matter how we try
to keep it our way
with time
things and people change
seems to be empty
of trust
loses its meaning
becomes painful
life looks difficult
at times even impossible
we hate the very life
we wanted
and fell In love with
those moments
don’t turn to the west
but to the east
as the sun rises
and we feel it on our skin
we realize it’s not too
late to start over again

Living and loving

Stop sometimes
take a deep breath
turn to look back
at things
and be thankful
for the things and people you have
in your life
let your ego down
open your heart
let love enter
life isn’t so bad after all
learn to live
not just for yourself
also for the people
around you
for those who
care for you

A second set of footprints in the sand

They hold hands
walking towards the east
by the river
they wade barefoot into the shallow river
he looks at her and reaches out
kisses her and wades further
she turns back
sees two sets
of footprints in the sand
leading to where they stood
she knows this time the waves
won’t wash away one set of footprints

She looks after him
to the divine powers which gave him
into her embrace
her savior
he held her on drunken nights
wiped her tears on teary nights
smiled at her on difficult days
telling her he always loved her
he sat by and with her
through sleepless nights

She is suddenly jerked from her thoughts
as she feels water on her skin
she turns back
to look into a mischievous face
he laughs mad
she pulls him into her arms
kisses him
“I love you, darling.”
he touches her face,
“I love you too, Mommy.”
and wades into the river again