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Us -ed to be

He was my best friend
who stood by my side
for me against the world
who took me with him
on dates with his girlfriends
who made my heart flutter
with his presence
who promised me my first romantic date
but never fulfilled it
who made me yearn
for something beyond my reckoning
who made me write countless love letters
for eight years and replied only few
who helped me see the beauty
to feel the restlessness of love
who made me wait six years
for my first kiss (time when we confessed our love)
who made fun of me
but wanted to spend his life with me
who made me whisper ‘I love you’
in his absence, every night for six years
who cried when I left
because he never stopped flirting
who grew up to be a man
leaving the boy behind
and now all I have is the boy
my first love
the man he has grown into, is a stranger
and as he promised, (when I seem to forget)
appears in my life, like a gentle breeze
to remind me of the love we shared
to freshen my memories of my first kiss
to tell me he will win me over
in the next life and never let go
to tell me he will marry me in this life
if situation comes forth,
no matter at what age

In the shadow


A shrill cry
from here
never ending
pain in the cry
tear-stained cheeks
claw the walls
to come out
of the shadows
where beauty
burns to ashes
cries drown in the walls
prayers sway with the wind
mercy is unheard of
waiting for a saviour
who never comes
to the blood-stained shadows
while death awaits
ready to pounce for
growing shadows
move in the darkness
drawing blood tears
beating up the spirit
till it snaps under torture
(of rape)
and the namesake
law protectors laugh evil
at their success
of breaking the
spirit of a human
they pledged to protect
they shall remain in shadows


[Started in May, 2010, completed tonight.]