Hear My Tears

The wind will change direction
Someday you will feel my heart breaking
Someday you will hear my tears

Our Story

Conspire why, my friend?
My faceless name
haunts your intellect?
I let you into my story
I walk into yours,
and yet, why, my friend?

Song of Lies

Neither grudge nor curse I shall.

But, write I shall tonight, a song of your lies
Buried in the pit of an ocean that’s your heart
Your ancestors’ graves, warmer than your
Heart that even mask deceit wears.

So shall I tell the wind of your lies,
So the sky shall see your hollowed heart,
The ground shall open to bury the broken
Pieces of my tears, swallow your mask

Naked, be you!!! Dance to ‎the song
I wrote of your lies. The wind shall scream
The song‎. So your other lives shall hear
Them lies, floating in space.

Them, Poets

Them, are sensitive,
Small pictures blown up
nothing but melancholia
Fear not,
Believe not
In their words
hide no deceit,
them, crazy poets.


must be feminine for Valentine
the name which foolish lovers
carry on their breath
to kiss the lapels of blind faith
to love and to hold

(Conversation Inspired)




Hide the moon,
that wretched heart
yearns for things
out of this world


Picture by Aurora

Picture by Aurora

When the soul searches
the heart feels
the eyes see
the lips flutter to sing
songs of ecstasy
yesterday matters no more

(Series of conversation inspired poems.)

Envy Drops

Picture: HD Wallpapers

Picture: HD Wallpapers

Li’l dewdrop covets the sun
on the wings of the li’l bird
for, vapour, the sun turns it into
life, like that blink of an eye
Who cares but itself
life, in that blink of an eye
thousand rainbows, it explodes into
on the wings of the li’l bird
Li’l dewdrop covets the sun no more

Hugging Voice


Cozy, her voice
comforted me
over a crisis
Like a sister
she listened
Like a lover
she soothed
My soul
breaking in pieces
she gathered
with her voice
and ears
Over the Himalayas
across the ocean
she sent her voice
to hug me
to love me
to remind me
of she is there
to help bundle
me up‎

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Flying Heart


The moon laughs
at the heart by my side.
The sun burns it to ashes.
My blood I pour and,
rises, it from ashes
and put on the wings
of a Phoenix


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