The dark call

One bright night
when she wasn’t very alert
a call from far away

Beckoned her to dark reasons
the cloaks of passion and confusion
hazed the moon

She gasped for air and light
’cause the path she was about to jaunt
was dark, suffocating and deceitful

With indisposition
her heart trended towards
dreary familiar territory

Of deceit, pain and guilt
that will tug at her heart
up and down her life


17 thoughts on “The dark call

  1. Amiga for someone with block, you’re doing more than great … Loved it. I’m glad to see you back blogging …

  2. Beautiful, and so simple! We are haunted by so much from the past, and your last verse brings out that feeling so well. I just hope that good things will tug at the heart too, and win the tug of war against the dark feelings ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Maybe someday the pain won’t tug so hard. Time has a way of healing wounds. Funny how it’s so easy to slip into old patterns though. Very beautifully written and expressed.

  4. Thanks for contributing poetry potluck week 20, support us by returning favors or visiting and commenting for a dozen poets starting from our latest entries, 201, 200, 199, 198, 197, 196, 195, stop when you feel that you have enough.


  5. I especially love your final stanza: “Of deceit, pain and guilt that will tug at her heart up and down her life”

    – such can be the result of a bad decision made xx

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