It knocks on my window
it knocks on my door
it shouts and cries
it pleads me to let it in
but why?
I let it in many times before
it left me and others
when we needed it
though it always came back
I don’t want to let it enter
but i won’t be able to go on without it
it has been with human
in the dreariest of moments
that’s what everyone says
maybe this time it returned
just in time, to stay on
when humanity need it the most
more than ever before
this time maybe it will cling on
even if it flew away before
Dickinson was right
‘Hope is a thing with feather’
I open my window and let it in.


3 thoughts on “IT IS BACK

  1. I like this too. When we have nothing, hope is all that’s there for us. Last option consolation?

    Wonderful piece yet again. Keep it up.

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