Par(tition) -Division

How can a country be divided?
a question I ask
to no one in particular
do we split it like an apple?
right in the middle
with a long knife
maybe a short one
or just blast it into two
would it even matter
when yesterday’s friends
become today’s enemies
when blood can no longer be red
to hold a brotherhood together
when humanity flushes down
the river of transgression and treachery
when an opening opens
and there is no closure to the end
when the proud anthem
turns to cries of torment and bitterness
yet I still wonder
how can a country be divided?

16 thoughts on “Par(tition) -Division

  1. And sadly, countries have been divided, and brother turned against brother. Sad world we live in, I really wish people woke up and realized that the fighting is pointless, and that peace is the way. Wonderful poem!

  2. So very easily … see the world, dividing is like first on the menu everywhere …

    I like the apple picture …

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