The Forgotten Monument

Many a great wars
were fought
old and young
women and men
suffered alike
many sons were sacrificed
for the land
which bore them
memorials were held
monument erected alike
candles illuminated it
towners shed tears
placed flowers
just as the war faded
the monument
a reminder of the sacrificed sons
faded from everyone’s memories
so much for remembrance
grasses grow over it
fireflies visit
moonlight illuminates it
nature took care
of what human built and forgot

[This poem has been entered in the Poetry Potluck. Thank you Jingle.]

15 thoughts on “The Forgotten Monument

  1. I read somewhere that the general public is able to recall events for about 10 years and then it fades in memory until the next crisis arises…and the cycle begins again…how sad….good poem on that issue.

  2. Good one yet again. Of course there are few animals trapped in man’s body lurking and groping in the darkness around those sacred monuments – with clear vision. And when everything done and gone, people wail in borrowed pain of loss.

  3. Am I the first to notice the shape of your poem? Well It gives out an image of Jangchub Chorten as I told you, very much illustrating and glorifying the content of your poem.

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