Keeping me Alive

[Entered for Monday Poetry Potluck . The theme is Dreams, Visions and Reveries.  December 5th, 2010]


God put us in each others path
to help one another
life is good and its better
when we have each other as friends

Life is full of tears and smiles
but we will smile
and stay like this forever
till the end of time
you won’t lose your way
when I go away
even when eternal sleep embraces me
you have to keep me alive
in your memories
fate might led us to different lives
but the path we travel
will be same

Don’t drag me into your thoughts
too often
least you want to always keep me there
that’s only where I can stay
only in someone’s thoughts
I know you hold me dear
I also know not for long
the moon will rise and set
so I will set
as I rose in your heart

Always remember
I never forgot you then
I will never forget you ever


[For my childhood friend who thought I would forget him. He is a recovering poly addict.]


8 thoughts on “Keeping me Alive

  1. I really like the sentiment in this poem…the thought that what we have share remains, but need not be relegated to sainthood….very nice indeed.

    1. Charles, thank you so much for dropping by my blog everyday to leave comments. I really appreciate it. As I told you I am new here, I still find it difficult to move around/ surf. I can hardly find a single blog; as you can see you are my only regular viewer (couple of friends) and I wonder how you found my blog. This whole thing is like a maze to me. I tried to read the support section but it is even more puzzling. lol…I wanted to mail you but I couldn’t find your email id so this long comment here. hahaha…Can I mail you for help? If so please leave me your mail id. Thanks once again. I love your poems, they are all so nice. Hear from you soon. Goodnight.

  2. Love the concepts here, of never forgetting those close to us, them being here with us always, and making new paths. Great flow to your words, leading the movement forward, as one should along our paths.

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