We will Stand

Obstacles may come
climbing over mountains
sorrows may come
flying in the air
tears may come
crossing the seas
they might enter our souls
they might hurt our souls
but they cannot imprison our souls
for our souls are our own
death is the only obstacle
we can’t fight
whatever happens
we will take our stand
happiness is expensive
but smiles still come cheap
we know
someday we will get
what we deserve
is rightfully ours-


5 thoughts on “We will Stand

  1. Very optimistic- optimism will go a long way in life. And yeah as you say what we deserve no one can take it from us. Great piece as always.

  2. Superb, this is such a wonderful poem. I especially liked this:

    “happiness is expensive
    but smiles still come cheap”

    Great job, can’t wait to read more!

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