Goo(ba)d Prayer

Are you in pain, Old Lady?
Come, let me comfort you.
Your feet ache?
I will carry you.
Oh, you can’t hold the spoon.
Let me feed you.
I will sing you a lullaby:
Sleep, Old Lady,
have a safe passage.

The coins are too heavy?
Let me take the weight off you.
You can’t eat, Old Lady?
Go hungry another day.
Oh, you need to go?
Pee in your pants.
Stop moaning, Old Lady,
you are a nuisance.
When will you pass?

3 thoughts on “Goo(ba)d Prayer

  1. What is most sad for me…is that there are many who share the feelings of the last stanza more than the first…fine contrast between the two stanzas of the poem.

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