Counting sheep

Counting sheep
two gates
first gate open
count and second gate
open into the barn
I lose count;
one entrance
count and into the barn
they run too fast;
lead them one by one
into the barn
this takes time;
I will let them jump the fence
count and into the barn
some jump too low
get stuck in the fence;
it’s been hours;
shall I lead them
to the slaughter-house?
they look at me with sad eyes
guilt gets me there;
I open my eyes
it is morning already

[This poem is entered for Thursday Poets Rally Week 33 (November 18-24) on Jingle]

22 thoughts on “Counting sheep

  1. Haha, I love that! Very amusing and well written. Haven’t we all been there, unable to sleep! My type of poem.

  2. Ah, that was really nice to read, enjoyable and fun! You know, I’ve noticed too, counting sheep doesn’t really work, so I count other things/ handsome men, shoes, trips around the world, the sand on some lovely beach :)/ Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is so novel an approach to counting sheep. Nicely done. The Muslims just commemorated with the slaughtering of sheep this past week.

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