Just a drop

Picture by Launan T Dorji

Somewhere I stand
the ocean I see
I am just a drop
in the ocean
but without me
the ocean wouldn’t be complete

[For my 4th King. Happy Birthday Your Majesty, You are the world.]

12 thoughts on “Just a drop

    1. Thank you. In fact I was planning to alter the poem a bit. ‘I’ to ‘we’. One of my readers suggested, it was too narcissist. Your comment tells me you understood it the way I wanted people to. Thank you loads.

  1. Your poetry is amazing…with supporters such as you stand beside us, we can continue our efforts and make the potluck event more enjoyable for its large number of entries, multiple levels or types of talents, and authentic enjoyment of poetry and poetry reading…Come in any time when we are open, feel free to ask questions and read others.
    Thank you in advance.
    Have A Weekend A Graceful As Your Spirits.

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