Halloween payback


The streets were lit up
people were busy
in the otherwise silent street
trick or treat
children sang
doors opened and closed
costumed people glided
corner people crowded
past midnight
time was right
plan was in place
it was payback time
any second now
to pronounce justice
I sat waiting
under a Jason costume
a glistening machete
in hand
looking for the perpetrator
on this day a year ago
on this street
he glided in
in-the-otherwise-silent busy street
under a mummy costume
scaring children in all direction
that’s when my Snow White
die of an asthma attack
on the way to hospital
screams brought me back
to the mission in hand
with the glistening machete
I swung around
another daddy’s princess
shocked and desperate
I aimed at his neck
in seconds he was down
people crowded around us
I felt a pain behind my head
and saw my princess beckon me
the day after Halloween
all of us were buried
side by side
in the cemetery
behind the church

[Jingle thank you for inviting me to participate. This was the best I could write for the Halloween Poetry Potluck. I have never attended or seen a Halloween in my whole life. My apologies if I strayed from theme.]

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