The unseen and the seen

The thing I fear most
is not the unseen and the unknown
which cannot touch me
which can hurt me no more
than I can see or feel it
like a ghost
which cannot scare me
if I don’t see it
but the seen and the known
which has the power
to control me
like a confused spouse
who ridicules every step
I take
or a bully at school
who snatches my lunch
and laughs over my helplessness
for the fun of it
and has the power
to hurt me
like a harsh parent
who gives no second thought
to the tears in my eyes
or a rose in my garden
which I rear
like a baby and withers
in front of my eyes
or the thought
of a caged bird
which will never soar
in the free sky again
or a friend
I thought was true
steps back in times
of direst need
so it is well said
what is unseen and unknown
can never hurt us
as the seen and known
like the darkness
which becomes a curiosity
when it is illuminated
and frustrates us
when we know not the reason
for its illumination

[Random thoughts.]


6 thoughts on “The unseen and the seen

  1. Interesting sentiment in the poem…I guess I think of all the unknown things that can creep into your life causing harm before you get a chance to see them…but that’s just a randoom thought. 😉

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